At Case3D, we know that real estate developers and sales teams face challenges with using multiple tools and old ways for showing and selling properties. That’s why we’re committed to changing the home buying experience. We believe that with the right tools, real estate professionals can transform the way they engage with customers and succeed in the market. We develop visualisation and interactive solutions that personalize property, engage buyers emotionally and deliver experiences that sell. 


Funding Date : 2008

Novi Sad , Serbia

Offices: Novi Sad & Dubai

UAE Business Award for 2019.

Company is honored for the Best 3D Visualization Studio 2019 & Most Innovative

Proptech Solution:

Touchscreen and selected among the most innovative and talented firms, teams and individuals who is providing the best products and services in Middle East and Africa (MEA) business region.


Innovation Leadership:

CASE3D’s reputation for innovation can contribute to ASAP’s mission by showcasing cutting-edge real estate visualization technologies, inspiring other members, and potentially elevating the entire sector’s approach to digital solutions.

Knowledge Sharing:

CASE3D can offer unique insights into the practical applications of 3D visualization and real estate technology, enriching the knowledge base within ASAP through workshops, seminars, and articles.

Brand Recognition:

CASE3D’s market presence can enhance ASAP’s visibility and reputation, attracting new members who wish to associate with top-tier industry innovators.

Case Studies and Success Stories:

CASE3D can provide case studies that highlight the effectiveness of digital transformation in real estate, demonstrating the tangible benefits of embracing new technologies.

Partnership Opportunities:

CASE3D’s network of global clients and partners can open up new collaboration opportunities for ASAP, broadening its reach and influence in the industry.

Educational Contributions:

CASE3D could contribute to ASAP’s educational initiatives, helping to shape the curriculum with the latest industry trends and technologies.

Market Trends Insight:

CASE3D’s experience with international markets could provide ASAP with valuable insights into global trends, helping the organization stay ahead of the curve.

Quality Standards Development:

CASE3D can work with ASAP to develop and promote high-quality standards within the industry, ensuring best practices and the continuous improvement of processes.



Projects / in the region


Belgrade Waterfront

Belgrade Waterfront is a sprawling new town complex situated on the right bank of the Sava River. The introduction of interactive touch screens in their sales centers has revolutionized the way information is presented to potential buyers, making the sales process more engaging and effective.

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Portomontenegro is the epicenter of innovation, and to prove it, a world class marina was created – it would lead the region as a retail, lifestyle and entertainment destination. It’s constantly developed and that’s why PMNE set out to create one sales point for all their developments, an online platform with stunning CGI and promotional videos.

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Any luxury brand is about creating an impression of prestige and exclusivity, both regarding your clientele and the types of properties you represent. There are several ways to do this, but you should start by considering usage of photorealistic cgi’s in luxury real estate marketing, pinpointing your target audience, reviewing your competition, and identifying the best ways to secure quality leads.

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