FOUR+ architectural bureau


  • Year of establishment: 2023


  • City: Belgrade



Our studio was founded by four women-architects with a background in designing the comfortable urban environment. 

We are the experts in making educational spaces for kids and one of the most important fields of our expertise is working with children and young adults as legitimate co-authors of urban facilities.

Honorable mention in the Competition for the conceptual urban-architectural solution of the center for the acceptance of CITES-listed animals and the ZOO with the associated contact zone in Berane.


  1. City yard in K-district in Belgrade
  2. Conceptual urban-architectural solution of the ZOO in Berane (international competition).
  3. The Cube in Chicago 



City yard in K-district in Belgrade 

We created a courtyard improvement project for the semi-private area of the residential complex K-District. This territory is accessible for the residents, office employees, retail and restaurant clients. The existing landscape is characterized by smooth lines, natural materials and emphasis on greenery.

We found that this area has a potential to host rich functional proposals. We created conceptual architecture and landscape design for this space. The detailed engineering project was developed in collaboration with the MainArch bureau.

The keywords were communication, collaborative working, emotional and physical rest. We were looking to design a new format of the outside office area, where employees can work and relax during all the year. The result is a contemporary co-working space with different functional zones, opened not only for the employees of IT-company, but also for the residents. 

The problem of this territory is its openness and, as a consequence, solar activity during the office working hours. In our project we solved this problem by creating canopies that will reduce solar impact, protect from the sun and rain, and improve the environment’s quality.


We use mostly natural material which colors and shapes are connected with the facades and architecture of the K-district. The important part of the design are mobile small architectural forms, tables and chairs, that give a possibility to choose the workplaces. 



FOUR+: Anna Rodionova, Bella Filatova, Anastasiia Rychkova, Alexandra Tchertkova, Alina Rakhmatullina,Olga Paramonova, Anna Mayorova



Conceptual urban-architectural solution of the ZOO in Berane

In collaboration with the architectural bureau „80/88“ and local experts in zoology, landscaping and lightning we created a conceptual urban-architectural solution for the zoo with the associated contact zone. 

The area is located on the banks of the Lim River. We designed the Zoo with CITIES center, Lim River embankment and recreational area near the lake. Our idea is to represent the territory as a magical island where people and animals co-live. We preserved the concept of a surprise throughout the project: in the green thickets you can see a tiger or a game stand, and after the next turn you can enjoy ice cream.

There are four important points for the design solution, that we propose:

  1. Walking route is an inclusive path with elevations and platforms where people can observe animals. Besides the main route there is a network of small various paths: walk-through habits, forest path and bridges. Routes and viewpoints have access for people with limited mobility.
  2. We made a children’s layer: an educational route with stands where the information about animals is presented in a playful way. Throughout the route, there are small recreational areas for families. The playgrounds imply a joint game, we do not use equipment that excludes someone from the game.
  3. Landscaping and geoplastics contribute to climate control, trees shield from the wind and provide shade in the heat. The existing landscaping has been preserved as much as possible. 
  4. Lighting is located only in places of recreation. The zoo is not illuminated, as natural daylight is important for animals. The materials and shape of the architectural pavilions were inspired by traditional Montenegrin architecture to make our solution fit into the context. 



Architectural bureau FOUR+ 

Partner: Anastasia Rychkova, Anna Rodionova, Alexandra Tchertkova, Bella Filatova

Architect: Anna Mayorova, Ekaterina Britvina, Olga Paramonova, Victoria Markovnikova

Landscaping: Elena Cherepanova

Architectural Buro „80/88“: Segienko Nikita, Savelyev Anton, Bolotin Alexey, Silaeva Daria, Yandrennikova Anna

3D visualisation: Andrei Saiko

Zoologist consultant: Alexei Podturkin

Landscape engineer: Aleksey Sayanov

Lightning: Kultura sveta

Local consultant: architect Dušan Jovanović (Architectural buro DOO „ID PLUS“)


Gavrila Principa 43, 11000 Beograd +381 60 3384865