The company Keramika Kanjiža was founded in 1980 in Kanjiža. The company’s activity is the production of ceramic tiles and haberdashery, and during more than 40 years of business, it has become synonymous for quality. During its many decades of business, Keramika Kanjiža set high standards of product quality and plant modernization in the domestic and regional markets. She continuously worked on improving technology, improving production and educating employees.


During 2012, the company started the process of modernization and digitalization, which continues today. Then it was the first in Serbia to introduce a digital InkJet printer for tile decoration and completely changed the market. By introducing this way of decorating, the company was able to respond to the most diverse demands and aesthetic sensibilities of the market across Europe. Additionally, the company invested 1 million euros to improve energy efficiency. A heat energy recovery system was introduced, and recycled water is used in the production facility. At the beginning of 2017, the company received an IPPC integrated business license, the first in its industry. A new round of modernization began in 2018, when the plant was completely modernized. In total, about 10 million euros were invested in the modernization of the plant. The complete production facility of Keramika Kanjiža is equipped with the highest quality machines from Italy. Today, in 2023, the decoration process has been digitized 100%, optical-laser quality control has been introduced, which can detect even the smallest irregularities in the product within a few seconds, thus enabling only tiles that meet the highest quality standards to reach customers. The transport of raw and finished products in the plant was optimized by introducing four self-guided forklifts, and the delivery time to customers was significantly shortened thanks to the digital packer – from stacking individual tiles in a box to smart fitting of boxes on pallets. In addition, the company was the first on the domestic market of ceramic tiles in 2020 to introduce a digital “business to business” platform for direct customers, thereby improving its service, and enabling customers to know their status at any time in just a few clicks, order new quantity of tiles or make a payment.


The most important Keramika Kanjiža products are quality porcelain tiles, of large dimensions. In order to produce such tiles, the company has a 5000- ton press in its production facility, which ensures a solid body of the tile, minimal water absorption, and almost complete displacement of air, which is why large dimensions that meet the highest quality standards can be made.


Keramika Kanjiža today offers a wide range of products – floor and wall ceramic tiles as well as quality porcelain tiles. Wall tiles are available in sizes 25×50, 25×75, 20×60, 30×60, and floor tiles are available in sizes 33×33, 45×45, 30×60, 29.5×59, 60×60, 59×59, 15×60. Some floor tile dimensions are rectified. Along with a large selection of dimensions, Keramika Kanjiža also offers customers a wide range of decors – over 160 in the regular assortment. Among them, the most popular are perfect reproductions of natural and building materials, for which Keramika Kanjiža has been the absolute leader on the domestic and regional markets for several years. Thanks to the digitization of the decorating process, the company also offers the possibility of personalizing tiles for projects, at the customer’s request.

All tiles from the assortment meet the high quality standards of the state of Serbia and the European Union, among which are high resistance to wear and household chemicals, anti-slip, frost resistance, low level of water absorption, one caliber of wall tiles, etc.




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