Bina studio is an architectural bureau founded in 2018 by architects Bojan Pavlović and Nataša Matović in Kragujevac, Serbia.

.Currently, in addition to full time employed engineers, the bureau has cooperation with external collaborators with different expertise, depending on the project requirements. Bina studio is mainly focused on architecture, interior design, 3D modeling and visualization. Our team is engaged on different projects, both in the country and abroad, which include constructions of various purposes (residential, business, hospitality, etc.)

The primary goal of Bina Studio is to improve the knowledge, skills and abilities of its team, and accordingly we are ready for new challenges that will contribute to our development and bring us new business opportunities in design and architecture spheres .

Bina studio was an exhibitor at the 41st and 44th Salon of Architecture in Belgrade (“Vega food store” and “Culinaris” canteen projects) as well as at the 5th BAB – Balkan Architecture Biennale (“Culinaris” canteen project).


Gavrila Principa 43, 11000 Belgrade +381 60 3384865