The studio was founded in 2016 and provides services of architectural design, interior design, and other related activities and consulting services.


The studio sees each project as a new challenge and a field for innovation, and therefore creates innovative solutions interwoven with the sensibility and aesthetics of its author team, regardless of the object dimensions and the level of investment.


We joined the ASAP association, because we believe this way opens the possibility for the exchange of ideas between members, a chance to influence wider community of Serbia and region, to create a better business environment, more comfortable work environment, and recognition of the profession both as an activity and as an art form.


Above all, the studio sees an opportunity to recognize the value of architects’ work, the importance of architecture itself, and its contribution to society and cultural heritage.


Some of the most important awards are:

  • GRAND PRIX of the 39TH ARCHITECTURE SALON, 39th ARCHITECTURE SALON of the Museum of Applied Arts, Belgrade 2017.
  • ANNUAL AWARD of the Union of Architects of Serbia UAS, “Aleksej Brkić”, 2017.
  • The City of BELGRADE AWARD for the best realized work for Architecture and Urbanism (2012)
  • GERMAN DESIGN AWARDS special 2022., Excellent architecture-Zumtobel Factory
  • BIG SEE ARCHITECTURE AWARD 2021. WINNER, Residential Architecture, Villa IB Istra Croatia


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Featured Projects:

  1. Villa IB Krasica Istria
  2. Zumtobel office and factory building, Niš
  3. Mind office building, Kragujevac


Gavrila Principa 43, 11000 Belgrade +381 60 3384865