Marko Desivojević Interiors is the studio specialized in interior design, decorating and furniture design. It was established in Belgrade, Serbia in 2016. in Belgrade in 2012.

Marko insists on the perfect alignment between interior, architecture and nearby environment and ambience.

This approach, topped by the customer desire and wishes, creates a path to the successful projects. These interiors are rich with harmony where clients can take the quality of their lives to the next level.

Marko finds his inspirations in nature, art originating from many historical periods, architecture, design. He connects tradition and modern, experiments with colors

and produces authentic and timeless interiors

attributed by elegance, sophistication and subtlety, yet, full of comfort, functionality and modernity.

Marko Desivojevic is the winner of the Elle Style Decor award for 2020..

Regardless of the primary focus on residential projects, Marko is excited to engage in unconventional commercial, hospitality and special purpose interiors.


Gavrila Principa 43, 11000 Belgrade +381 60 3384865