Zumtobel Group is an international company with headquarters in Dornbirn, Austria. It creates innovative lighting solutions, manufactures luminaires and supporting components, and offers a wide range of services. It has about 5.800 employees, 90 sales offices worldwide and 10 factories on 3 continents. Within the company, two brands are represented for the production of lighting systems ZUMTOBEL and THORN. In addition, the TRIDONIC brand as part of the group produces electronic components and software systems for control and management, thus complementing the overall portfolio of the company.

With nearly 5.000 registered patents, ZG can be considered a leader in the lighting industry. With the history of the ZUMTOBEL brand over 70 years and the THORN brand over 90 years, the company offers its knowledge and expertise to meet its customers and offer the optimal solution for a given application. When it comes to lighting, it means that ZG can provide unique solutions for both indoor and outdoor lighting.

On the territory of Serbia, the representative office of ZG Lighting SRB existed since 2009. . as a sales office in Belgrade. The factory in Serbia was established in Nis as a greenfield investment with an area of ~40,000 m2. It officially opened on September 28, 2018. The facility unites two legal entities – TRIDONIC and ZUMTOBEL Lighting production and currently employs more than 1.000 workers of various professional profiles.

As a leading international provider of integral lighting solutions, Zumtobel enables people to experience the interaction of light and architecture. As a leader in innovation, Zumtobel offers a comprehensive range of high-quality LED luminaires and lighting management systems in offices, educated institutions, retail stores, hotels, wellness and spa centers and facilities of the industry. Thanks to its constant pursuit of progress, the Zumtobel brand is synonymous with innovation, unique quality of products and services, as well as superior design and sustainability.

The Thorn brand creates high-quality, reliable and functional lighting solutions with the desire and knowledge to provide the right lighting for people, places and the environment. Special attention is focused on the ease of specifying equipment, easy installation and maintenance. In addition to indoor lighting lamps, the Thorn brand completes the entire range of ZG with its outdoor luminaires, including roads, streets, urban areas, sports, tunnel and decorative façade lighting.

We align lighting quality and energy efficiency and develop customized lighting solutions that provide measurable added value.

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“Without close cooperation with architects, we would not be equally successful in creating our lighting solutions. In communicating together and exchanging constructive ideas, our lamps and digital systems create a more beautiful, brighter, energy-efficient and sustainable world of interior and exterior. We want to support the ASAP association in order to improve the architectural profession in Serbia by expanding contacts and experiences, as well as educating the market.”

Aleksandar Živanović, Country Manager Serbia


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