With over 15 years of diverse experience in Landscape Architecture across North America and Serbia, Jelena Zoric established Archiplant Studio in 2022. . Her mission is to harness her international experience and creative flair to elevate the local Landscape Architecture and Design market. At Archiplant Studio, our vision extends beyond conventional boundaries, aiming to forge a robust and seamless connection between Landscaping and Architecture. Our ultimate goal is to significantly enhance the quality of life in urban areas.

With equal passion and dedication, we engage in enhancing small private yards, public spaces, and large-scale mixed-use developments. Our commitment lies in creating environments that resonate with a blend of creativity, functionality, and sustainability. By marrying international expertise with a keen eye for local needs, we aspire to redefine the landscape architecture industry. Our versatile approach ensures that each project, whether private or public, receives the same level of dedication, contributing to positive transformations across all scales.

ASAP’s compelling mission and vision have drawn us in, inspiring our connection with diverse architectural practices. We are eager to engage in the exchange of knowledge and experiences, particularly in the realm of outdoor space improvements.


Projects: Banovo Brdo Residences – Schematic Design, Design Development, Construction Documents

Banovo Brdo Esplanade – Schematic Design, Design Development, Construction Documents

Slankamen Private Residence – Schematic Design, Design Development





Gavrila Principa 43, 11000 Belgrade +381 60 3384865 contact@asap.org.rs