Studio Architonic was founded in 2010.


STUDIO | ARCHITONIC represents an independent, flexible and operational team of experts in the field of design, architectural and construction creativity, with licenses and certificates from domestic institutions in the field of conceptual solutions, main and executive projects, interior design and furnishing, project monitoring during all phases, implementation of intelligent architecture, visual identity design and marketing materials, corporate identity retail.


Global experience and local knowledge enables the studio to present its clients with an integrated implementation strategy, as well as a competitive and transparent process of all segments in project development.


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Reason for joining ASAP:


We recognized the effort to create a professional association that connects and unites domestic studios and bureaus in order to raise the quality of the profession through mutual cooperation.

We see the formation of the association as an effort to recognize the importance of architectural profession, but also to affirm, revalidate and position it in its proper place on the market.



Featured Projects:

  1. Business building in Belgrade
  2. Residential project in Gospodara Vučić Street, Belgrade
  3. Radar station on the top of Besna kobila


Gavrila Principa 43, 11000 Belgrade +381 60 3384865